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Meet our staffs

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Claudia Herrera
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Claudia Herrera, CDA

Hi my name is Claudia. After 10 years working as a computer programmer analyst,I had changed careers when I had my only son because I wanted to make a check and balance as a working mom to raise him. Since 1999, I had started my carer as a dental assistant in general dentistry and then prosthodontics, oral surgery, periodontist; i am now very pleased to be working for Dr Cha and Dr. Jiang in endodontics . With over 20 years of experience in dentistry I learned that respect, compassion and care are very important qualities to take on our patients as I brush up my technical dental skills to keep up with CPR certification, infection control, and X-ray certifications. Working with professional and caring doctors, we try our best to make an overall different experience of confortable and healthy environment for our patients. Family time, gardening, music, and art expositions are my activities for my leisure time.

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