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Our patients' comfort and health are our priority. We stepped up our efforts of extra cleaning and disinfection during this pandemic..


Need a root canal? Don't be anxious. This informative video will walk you step-by-step through the procedure and explain how our endodontists, the root canal specialists, can save your teeth.

Our Endodontists (Root Canal Specialists)

Dr. Cha and Dr. Jiang are Endodontists - "Specialists in Saving Teeth through Root Canal Treatment". While all endodontists are dentists, less than 3% of dentists are endodontists. Just like a doctor in any other field, endodontists are specialists because they’ve limited their practice to endodontics after completing an additional two or more years of training beyond dental school. Our endodontists work very closely with your referring general dentist who will place the final restoration after the root canal treatment is completed. Both of our endodontists are clinical faculty members at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and certified by the American Board of Endodontics. Their advanced training focuses on diagnosing dental pain and performing root canal treatment based on scientific knowledge using the latest technology. In the vast majority of cases, a diseased tooth can be saved with endodontic treatment with a high degree of success. More than 40 million teeth are extracted in the U.S. every year and many of these extractions are unnecessary. Nothing can truly replace your natural teeth.

3D Micro Root Canal Technology
Using CBCT Imaging and Microscope

Using 3D CBCT Imaging and Dental Operating Microscope (DOM), our endodontists provide root canal treatment with increased safety and accuracy which results in a predictable outcome.

3D Cone Beam radiograph allows viewing the root canal space and the anatomy of the jaw bone in 3D, which helps endodontists to make more accurate diagnostic decision, establish improved treatment planning and enhance their performance during the treatment procedures. Learn More

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We Accept CareCredit

CareCredit is the nation's leading patient financing program. We accept CareCredit for your Endodontic treatment and procedures. Find a plan that fits your need and budget.
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Meet Our Endodontists

Learn Who We Are

  • Bruce Y. Cha,
    D.M.D., Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

    Dr. Cha’s practice is limited to endodontics which is a specialty of dentistry to preserve and maintain the natural teeth and prevent tooth loss. By applying state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date scientific knowledge, modern endodontic treatment is highly successful in keeping people from losing teeth. Dr. Cha has been a dentist for 40 years and an active full-time endodontist in the Greater New Haven community for 34 years. He has been involved with teaching at Yale-New Haven Hospital and UCONN School of Dental Medicine as a volunteer part-time faculty member. Dr. Cha strives to serve every single patient with exceptional and comfortable treatment in a gentle manner. Dr. Cha is strongly supported by a team of knowledgeable and caring staff members who work together with him to provide the best successful outcome for the patients they serve. [More about Dr. Bruce Cha]

  • Jin Jiang,
    D.D.S., Ph.D., Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

    Dr. Jin Jiang, originally from Chengdu, China, came to the United States and completed the endodontic residency program combined with a Ph.D. degree in biomedical science at the University of Connecticut in 2001. She has been in endodontic specialty practice for 20 years including the service as a faculty member first at the University of Florida College of Dentistry and later at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. While serving as a faculty member in dental schools, she taught, supervised dental students and residents in the clinic, and advised endodontic postgraduate residents on their research projects. [More about Dr. Jin Jiang]

  • Do Hyeon Kim,

    Dr. Kim's first name, Do is pronounced as 'Do' in 'Do Re Mi.' He is originally from South Korea and received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Hawaii. He earned his D.D.S. from NYU College of Dentistry in 2014 and completed his endodontic residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Adams School of Dentistry, in 2023. During his residency, Dr. Kim researched the factors associated with the replacement of endodontically treated teeth by dental implants, earning him an M.S. degree. He already passed the written part of the endodontic board certification examination and is looking forward to completing his final board certification soon. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cooking, biking, and spending quality time with his wife.


What Our Clients Say About Us

    I want to thank you for your kindness and skill. My procedure has turned out very well. I was amazed at the process and that there was no discomfort during the process or after. You have also chosen your staff so very well. They are all professionals and caring. My Best to you.


    The entire root canal took a little over an hour - and that's it. A few hours of rest and time for the anesthetic to wear off, and now there's hardly any discomfort at all. I am truly amazed.


    Dear Dr. Cha, Thank you so much for the heroic repair of my molar. Your patience and kindness in caring for me will always be remembered and appreciated.


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